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“I never considered pre-marital coaching before but it turned out to be the best decision we made! Raumene introduced topics we never even thought about and allowed us to really peel back layers of our individual selves, our expectations, and our lifestyles. I learned so much about my fiancé but what surprised me was how much I learned about myself. This experience allowed us to start our relationship with the tools we needed to be successful and the knowledge and skills to properly interact with each other based on our own specific personalities. I highly recommend this for all new couples looking to start their relationship off strong!”

~ Anonymous pre-marital coaching client

“I had been suffering from persistent depression for several years and my symptoms kept worsening each time I experienced a new crisis. I felt anger, extreme sadness, and couldn’t bring myself to pray. Raumene listened to me without judgment and used some very beneficial interventions to support my recovery. Although I no longer see him for counseling, I still use a lot of techniques I learned with him when my symptoms start to re-surface. I strongly recommend Raumene as a therapist!”

~Anonymous client

“As two divorcees entering into a union, we were both determined to not repeat the same mistakes of our past. We wanted a fresh start with professional guidance, and agreed that premarital coaching would be beneficial for us. It was also very important to us that the counselor be someone who had complete understanding of our religious beliefs, since faith is the one value that we both share. When we found Sound Heart Integrative Counseling and met Raumene, we knew we found the right person. Our sessions helped us to obtain the firm foundations necessary for a joyous and everlasting union. We learned how to communicate better and express our feelings openly. In addition, we learned how to listen to one another, and not simply hear one other. The confidence we have now in our future in love and marriage is in part a tribute to the quality of our premarital coaching sessions. For any couple wondering if Sound Heart Integrative Counseling is right for you, with great confidence we say, it is!”

~ Anonymous couple, married Fall 2019

“Alhamdulillah, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in pre-marital coaching with Sound Heart Integrative Counseling. It allowed my future spouse and me to establish compatibility and learn about ourselves and each other in a constructive environment. Raumene evaluated our personalities very early on and gave us valuable advice on how to maintain a strong and healthy marriage based on our temperaments. We had the chance to raise some of our concerns about marriage and discuss the best possible solutions in light of the Quran and the Sunnah.”

~ Anonymous pre-marital coaching client

“Brother Raumene is a gentle, caring and knowledgeable Muslim counselor. He has a beautiful way of allowing people to express themselves, while steering them in the right direction, whether it be in the religious or secular sense. It has been refreshing to meet other converts who can empathize with the things I’m going through and have gone through. I am very grateful to have these weekly classes. You are definitely a blessing for the Portland Muslim community, alhamdulillah.”

~ Anonymous participant in the New Muslim Support Group

“I really enjoyed the talk about mental health and well-being from an Islamic perspective, and I was telling my friends about it and how relevant it felt to me and our community. I feel like these issues are never discussed and I want to listen to it again and again until I’ve internalized the information.”

~ Anonymous attendee of a presentation on Islamic Psychology & Wellness