Sound Heart Integrative Counseling

Awareness Healing Transformation


1) Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Individual Counseling & Coaching: The standard rate is $125 per hour. A sliding scale rate of $95-$120 is available for individuals who have financial need.

Couples and Family Counseling & Coaching: The standard rate is $150 per hour. A sliding scale rate of $110 – $145 is available for couples and families who have financial need.

Presentations: Please email to discuss rates for the type of presentation you are looking for.

***I accept payment by cash, check, card or secure electronic transfer. I do not accept insurance.***

2) Q: What is counseling?

A: Counseling provides a safe, empathic, non-judgemental, and supportive professional relationship that allows for you to embark on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and becoming whole. Counseling allows for you to talk about anything that might be bothering you in a confidential environment. In counseling, you might learn to work through hardships, develop healthier relationships, and find greater meaning and purpose in your life. Counseling offers you an introspective forum where you can reflect, work on yourself, and grow. The counselor serves as a mirror on your journey, and can highlight things to assist you in your process of healing and growth.

3) Q: What is Islamic psychology?

A: Islamic psychology is rooted in the Qur’an (Divine Revelation), Sunna (Prophetic Way), and the wisdom of Muslim scholars and sages throughout history. Key components of Islamic psychology include a) the nature of the self (fitrah or natural disposition), b) the faculties of the self (body, intellect, heart, lower self, spirit, and emotions), c) the psycho-spiritual stages of the self (the commanding self, reproaching self, and tranquil self), and d) the process of purification and refinement of the self (tazkiya and tahdhib al-akhlaq).

4) Q: Can I benefit from these services if I’m not Muslim?

A: Yes, absolutely. My theoretical orientation is rooted in Islamic psychology, which means my understanding of the human being comes from the Islamic tradition. I believe all people can benefit from what the Islamic tradition has to offer on matters related to the intellect, the heart, and the spirit; similar to the same way that the concept of “mindfulness” from the Buddhist tradition has benefited people of all beliefs.

5) Q: Can I benefit from services if I’m not religious or spiritual?

A: Yes. I have experience using various modalities and interventions to help people feel better and reduce anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, relationship challenges, and more.