Sound Heart Integrative Counseling

Awareness Healing Transformation


Raumene Rahatzad is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) offering Islamically integrated human support services. He offers professional counseling in the state of Oregon, and consultation throughout the United States and internationally.

Raumene’s unique services include individual counseling, pre-marital and marital counseling and education, family process work, convert care, support groups for new & newly (re)committed Muslims, and presentations to community counseling centers, hospitals, schools, religious organizations and other groups.


Raumene has been a counselor since 2013 and in early 2019, he founded Sound Heart Integrative Counseling, which utilizes a wholistic Islamically integrative approach to healing and wellness. Raumene gained further experience in this approach through his web therapy work with Khalil Center, and by completing the Counseling from an Islamic Theoretical Orientation certificate program in Istanbul, Turkey with the International Association of Islamic Psychology.

Raumene has extensive experience supporting clients through trauma and recovery, overcoming anxiety and depression, improving relationships, developing self-knowledge, navigating complex cultural issues, nurturing faith, facilitating spiritual growth, and more. Raumene’s education and life experiences have further enhanced his ability to connect with clients from all walks of life.





Sound Heart Integrative Counseling uses an integrative approach to counseling that is rooted in Islamic psychology and utilizes somatic interventions, attachment work, internal family systems (IFS), eye movement and desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and other modalities to fit your particular needs.

We believe that the heart is the core of our being. This faculty is not limited to only the physical heart, but includes a spiritual dimension. The heart is our greatest source of connection to The Divine and has its own unique way of feeling, knowing, and processing. When our hearts are sick we suffer, and when our hearts are sound we thrive. We focus on heart work, while integrating all aspects of the human experience, to support clients in their journey toward healing and positive transformation.

“Truly in the body is a piece of flesh, if it is sound the entire body is sound and if it is corrupt the entire body is corrupt, truly it is the heart.”

~ Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him)